Last Minute Inspiration for Your TV Fellowship Applications

by Emily J

May is a busy time for aspiring television writers. With the deadlines for major television fellowships fast approaching, you are hopefully reading this having already completed your chosen spec script. You have also read as many scripts of your chosen series as possible, and are in the final stages of double-checking your script and application.

You are likely exhausted and terrified that you may have missed something innocuous that could potentially wreck your chances. So for those of you who need a revitalizing jolt of inspiration in the home stretch…

Remember those who have come before you…


…and maybe accept now that you will never be as talented as them, and that is okay.

Get lots of rest to keep your brain at its sharpest while you check for typos…


Get a second opinion from a friend…


Then have a drink to relax…


Or a bottle for inspiration…


And if all else fails, cry like there is no tomorrow and throw every emotion you have left into your writing.

somethings gotta give

Once you have finally submitted your script at the last possible moment, go outside and remember that the rest of the world exists. Take a deep breath. Feel the sunshine on your face.

…Just do it. Trust me.


Fellowships are just one of many ways to get your foot in the door. Not getting in is not the end of your career, but simply more time to hone your skills. Good luck!

**Please note that all these writers are in film. In television, Carrie Bradshaw always looks adorable in her underwear when she writes. As you know better than ever from working on your fellowship application, television lies.**


Emily Jermusyk is a screenwriter and story consultant. She got her start in high school writing over 150 episodes of a soap opera parodying Knots Landing. If desired, Emily will talk to you at potentially-annoying-length about topics such as why the CW is her favorite channel, the current amazing state of underground comedy, and how she avoids TV/films about zombies because most of them do not chew with their mouths closed. Follow Emily on Twitter, and check out her website, Ruining Television.

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