What a Great Logline Looks Like: May Edition

The May Logline Competition results are in. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


This month‚Äôs winner was¬†Barbara Rodriguez¬†with her logline for¬†ZAKIA’S SONG, a drama:

After losing her brother and a leg to a landmine, a precocious Afghan orphan learns the social complexities of elementary school when she gets adopted by an American solider, brought to Virginia, and enters a school singing competition.

This idea has a lot of heart. It’s easy to imagine the struggles of this young girl and how her precocious spirit will help her find her way in this strange new world. With an idea like this, it’s easy to imagine the laughter and the tears.

About Barbara¬†(@barbararwriter¬†‚Äď barbararwriter@yahoo.com)

Barbara Rodriguez is a movie enthusiast and aspiring writer. Thanks to her¬†beloved mother’s¬†doting ways, movies became her¬†safe haven from the mean streets of New York.


First up, we have Allie Yohn with her logline for WILLFUL BLINDNESS, an hour long crime drama pilot:

After meeting a seemingly clean-cut drug dealer, a broke bank employee starts a money laundering business and begins manipulating everyone she knows in order to outsmart a demented federal agent determined to bust her.

This logline effectively sets up the main character, the challenge ahead of her, and several possible side plots. There’s plenty of material here for a strong first season. We can easily imagine a show like this on HBO or FX.

About Allie¬†(@allie_yohn¬†‚Äď Allie.Yohn@gmail.com¬†‚ÄstFacebook Page)

Allie Yohn is an emerging screenwriter. She will be moving from Tempe, AZ, to San Diego, CA, with her girlfriend and puppies. ¬†She has an associates degree in journalism and recently received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Arizona State University.


Next, we have Chidi Ezeibieli with his logline for PHATE, a female-led action thriller:

During a major outbreak, an American au pair falsely accused of murder in Nigeria goes on the run and struggles to get to the sole witness of the crime, a young boy lost among the hundreds quarantined in an offshore facility.

This idea has plenty of opportunities for action and drama. It also has a strong female lead, which is exactly what producers are looking for right now.

About Chidi¬†(@kscreens¬†‚Äď chidiezeibieli@gmail.com)

This is Chidi’s second finalist finish in the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition. Chidi Ezeibieli is in love with the world around him, especially his¬†country of Nigeria, because it continuously fuels his¬†passion to create and deliver a formidable story of African origin.¬†Chidi recently challenged himself¬†to craft one great logline monthly and write a first draft of the screenplay within the same month. He has¬†succeeded this month with his script for PHATE, an action-heroine tale of the will to survive, uncommon courage, and sacrifice.


The June Logline Competition is now open for entries. Enter today!

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