What a Great Logline Looks Like: June Edition

The June Logline Competition results are in. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


This month’s winner was Jennifer Krukowski with her logline for MAKE EASY MONEY FROM HOME, a half-hour pilot:

“An unemployable college dropout writes a weekly blog on get-rich-quick schemes, drawing inspiration from her misfit friends who will do anything for money (except work).”

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that??” ideas that has a lot of potential for hilarity and heart. I would definitely watch this show.

About Jennifer (@jenkrukowski – www.JenniferKrukowski.com  – Instagram)

Jennifer Krukowski graduated from York University’s Theatre program in 2010 where she studied Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy. Make Easy Money From Home is her first attempt at writing for television, and she hopes to learn more at a one-week sitcom writing intensive this July. Jennifer currently works as an actor and odd-jobber in Toronto, Canada.



First up, we have Eric Irizarry with his logline for WRATH OF MEN, an hour long crime drama:

“After his son’s murder, a quiet office worker descends into madness, unleashing a supernatural force that helps him raise a vigilante army to wage war against all criminals.”

We love the idea of a gritty, comic-book type drama that focuses on a character who may be a hero to some and a villain to others. There are a lot of levels here — plenty of fodder for multiple gripping seasons.

About Eric (eipta111@yahoo.com – ISA Profile)

Writing out of Yonkers, NY,  Eric Irizarry enjoys writing across all mediums including television, features, shorts, and plays.  His favorite genres are comedy, crime dramas, action, and thrillers.  Eric loves unorthodox/bizarre plot lines and characters that are memorable for years to come.  He believes the creative process should be fun and therapeutic, and that every writer’s dream is to see their creation come to life like a non-homicidal Frankenstein monster.


Next, we have Trent Meunier with his logline for BLIND PAST, a feature sci-fi drama:

“After a failed suicide attempt, a blind college freshman takes a pill that sends him into the past where he can see, but the only way to stay is to convince his parents not to conceive him.”

There are so many different ways that this idea could go, and we’re intrigued by all of them. It’s definitely off the beaten path, sort of like the antithesis of Back to the Future with a dash of The Matrix.

About Trent (@iwroteascript – traunt53@gmail.com)

Trent Meunier always wanted to write. Then his wife got pregnant, and he figured if he was going to write a screenplay, it needed to happen now. So he placed a 1,000-to-1 bet on the Super Bowl and promised himself that if he won he would buy Final Draft, a new laptop, and hire a script consultant. Evidently, it was meant to be as Trent won the bet and followed through. Trent typically writes comedy screenplays. Blind Past is his first Sci-Fi/Drama. Screenwriting is his top passion after his son and wife.


The July Logline Competition is now open for entries. Enter today!

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