10 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About Failure

by Angela Bourassa

Failure is part of every writer’s life. A big part. We all fail for years before we find success. Rather than feeling bad about that, perhaps we should take a moment to think about the ways that failure makes us better writers and better people.

Debbie Millman — a writer, educator, and artist — put together this list on failure that I’ve found very helpful. Bookmark it and take a look every time you feel like you’re failing.

Ten Things I Wish I Knew Sooner Rather Than Later About Failing

  1. If you are not making mistakes, you’re not taking enough risks

  2. Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time

  3. Work very, very hard

  4. Ask for opportunities

  5. Finish what you start

  6. Say “yes and” to almost everything

  7. Busy is a decision

  8. Don’t censor your dreams before you actually dream

  9. Learn and build from your failures, but…

  10. It is only a failure if you accept defeat


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