Our 7 Best Posts of 2015

by Angela Bourassa

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful 2015, and that 2016 holds good fortune for you.

We had a wonderful year here at LA Screenwriter. We brought a number of amazing writers on board, upping our original content and our readership substantially. We also added a weekly newsletter and the monthly LA Screenwriter Logline Competition, both of which have been very successful.

As we look back over 2015, these are the seven posts that stand out as the best of the best:


Best List: The 5 Most Overrated Shows You Are Watching

by Emily J

I can already feel your annoyance with the below list. These are not BAD shows. They are simply getting a lot of hype, and while it is sometimes warranted, there is something lacking in the writing that needs to be discussed. READ THE ARTICLE.wb

Best Practical Advice: 10 Tips for Taking a Hollywood Meeting

by Ken Aguado (@kaguado) & Douglas Eboch (@dougeboch)

Taking a meeting in Hollywood can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the business. Like any business, Hollywood has it’s own customs and rituals when it comes to meetings. Here are ten tips to find success in the all-important art of the meeting. READ THE ARTICLE.


Best Insight: The Screenwriter’s Creative Process

by Fiona Wheeler

Do you write every day? Do you plan and outline, or is each new screenplay discovered as you write that first draft? How often do you take the time to think about your creative process?

When most screenwriters are asked about their process, they reply that they write a bit every day, or that they set aside one day a week when they turn off their technologies and just immerse themselves in the world of their current screen project. READ THE ARTICLE.


Best Screenwriting Advice: Strength in Weakness: 5 Flaws That Actually Make Characters Better

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher)

When we create characters, we’re often looking to add qualities that make them strong or interesting. However, asking where your character is weak can be an even greater way to make a protagonist compelling. A character’s weakness should cloud their better judgment. It should cause them to take actions they might not normally take. Here are five flaws that can actually strengthen your character. READ THE ARTICLE.

source: wheresthedrama.com

Best Career Advice: The 6 Most Common Logline Mistakes

by Angela Bourassa

We’re in the midst of our fourth monthly Logline Competition, and I feel like I’ve already seen just about every type of logline imaginable. There have been some amazing submissions – high concept ideas presented with clear sentence structure and compelling language – but there have been a lot more submissions riddled with common logline mistakes. READ THE ARTICLE.


Best Interview: Your Screenwriting Career Explained: A Conversation with Lee Jessup

by Angela Bourassa

For every aspiring screenwriter, it seems like there are a dozen script consultants and contests and coverage services. Don’t get me wrong – in the giant heap of script advisers, there are plenty of people who really can help you bring your writing up to a professional level.

But who can help you prepare for a career in screenwriting? The writing, after all, is just one part of the business. It’s the most important part, certainly, but networking and business savvy are also incredibly important.

That’s where Lee Jessup comes in. READ THE ARTICLE.


Angela Bourassa is the founder and Editor in Chief of LA Screenwriter.

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