Introducing Our New Logline Services!

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by Angela Bourassa

The team here at LA Screenwriter is thrilled to announce our new Logline Services!

In my role as head judge of the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition, I’ve come across a lot of writers who are less interested in winning a contest and more interested in cracking the code of a great logline. It’s a skill that most screenwriters struggle with, and with good reason. Writing a compelling logline is no simple task, and the ideal structure for a logline is different from genre to genre, from tone to tone, and from story to story.

With our new logline services, our goal is to give writers at every level professionally crafted loglines that they can use to:

  • Assess the strength of an idea before even writing the script
  • Build an effective pitch for a pitchfest or industry meeting
  • Craft a strong query letter
  • Enable fruitful discussions of scripts with colleagues, reps, and industry contacts

Here’s what you can expect from our new services:

Logline Polish – $35 

Send us your current logline, a short synopsis of your script, and any other information you think we should have. We’ll get back to you within five business days with at least two polished versions of your logline, a paragraph on why we made the changes that we did, and another paragraph with our thoughts on your script idea. (sample)

If you still want to make edits, send your updated logline back to us for one more round of suggestions at no additional charge. (sample)

Logline Creation – $45

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Send us a one-page synopsis of your script and notes on tone, style, or anything else that you think we should know. We’ll respond within five business days with at least two possible loglines for you, a paragraph explaining our creative choices, and a paragraph with our thoughts on your idea. (sample)

If you want to make some changes, send your edited logline back to us for one more round of suggestions at no additional charge. (sample)

24-hour rush delivery can be added to either service for a $20 fee.

Of course, the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition is still in full swing. If you have a logline that you think is industry ready (or close to that point), by all means enter it in the contest. The contest has the added benefits of great recognition and wonderful prizes from Script Pipeline, WeScreenplay, Talentville, and Virtual Pitchfest.

But if you know that loglines are an aspect of screenwriting that you struggle with, you’ll likely learn and gain much more from a logline polish or logline creation service.

Click here to learn more.


Angela Bourassa is the founder and Editor in Chief of LA Screenwriter.

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