Winning Loglines

For a few years on this site, we ran a logline competition. The monthly contest produced some excellent loglines, which can be studied to get a better sense of how to write your own…

February 2018

Winner: David Laurie (@SICrecords) with his logline for THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED, a darkly comic political thriller: A feisty government clerk searches for the people who murdered her friend at a Brexit protest, putting herself in the crosshairs of an incompetent police unit trying to pin the crime on a debonair whistleblower.

Finalist: Ally May (@writermother) with her logline for STUFFED, a drama: When the city threatens to condemn their childhood home, a self-righteous realtor over-rules her hoarder sister and cleans house, unearthing long-buried memories and signs of her sister’s mental fragility in the process.

Finalist: Kyle Spencer with his logline for TERRESTRIAL, an hour pilot: After mysteriously crash-landing in 1947 New Mexico, an amnesiac time traveler becomes the catalyst for the Roswell Incident, and to escape government capture, he must fight the man leading the investigation into his sudden appearance–his abusive father.

January 2018

Winner: Ralph Walker (@RW_Igloo) with his logline for SOUTHBOUND, a heist dramedy: After the untimely death of their father, a soon-to-be-married daughter and her homebody brother attempt to save their sick mother’s taffy shop by robbing millions in coins from Garden State Parkway tollbooths.

Finalist: Alex Lange (@AELange13) & Scott Davidson (@SDExperience) with their logline for PAPARAZZO, a half-hour pilot: In an attempt to jump-start his career, a humiliated journalist reluctantly becomes a paparazzo and joins forces with a washed up actress eager to eclipse her arch-rival and take Hollywood down along the way.

Finalist: Christopher Kühne ( with his logline for GARLIC BREATH, a drama: An ostracized vampire hunter with garlic breath must find a way to cure his long-standing condition so that he can kiss the lady vamp of his dreams without killing her — against the direct orders of his sect.

December 2017

Winner: Ethan Mantel (@eman21 – Medium) with his logline for 2 B3ATS: IN THE B3AT-GINNING, a mockumentary: When their generic techno track somehow goes viral, two stubborn amateur DJs struggle to hold together a slapdash road tour through middle America to prove they deserve more than fifteen seconds of fame.

Finalist: Fauzia Algarni (@arab_comic) with her logline for DIVORCE THEORY, a dramedy: With his secret creditors demanding payment, a weary husband spends the night convincing his loving wife that couples should break up at the peak of their happiness, aiming to get a divorce before dawn.

Finalist: Nicola Ralph (@NicolaRalph1) with her logline for THE UNEXPECTED, a horror: When a gruesome amphibian monster viciously attacks two bright-eyed teenagers, the siblings inadvertently lead it back to a burgeoning town where their attempts to warn others get stalled by the town’s shadiest residents.

November 2017

Winner: Evan Schullery (@skinnycoolkid) with his logline for THE NEW SCHOOL, a thriller: Terrified of the next mass shooting, an embattled veteran teacher at a rural high school obsesses over a troubled new student, but when her warnings go unheeded, her commitment to protecting the school grows increasingly unhinged.

Finalist: Fauzia Algarni (@arab_comic) with her logline for ZOHARI CHILDREN, a crime drama: A blind mother who lost her little girl 34 years ago works with a jaded FBI agent to catch the still-active kidnappers — treasure hunters who use the blood of special children to locate their riches.

Finalist: David Ho (Stage 32) with his logline for VAMPIRES IN VEGAS, a horror comedy: Proud, in-fighting courtesans must band together to beat off a group of handsome travelers who saunter into their remote desert brothel when the travelers start showing their teeth.

October 2017

Winner: Nicola Ralph (@NicolaRalph1) with her logline for THE BURDEN, a horror: A family on the brink of financial ruin inherits an estranged uncle’s home, but they discover too late what led to their uncle’s untimely end when a demonic presence in the home begins feeding on their terror.

Finalist: Ryan Austin (@ryan_r_austin) with his logline for FIRST DATE, FIRST CONTACT, a sci-fi rom-com: On the worst first date ever, an overly-sensitive man and a gruff Texas woman get abducted by aliens and must help the invaders reconcile with another war-hungry alien race in order to save the galaxy — and finally part ways.

Finalist: J. Jermaine Jones ( with his logline for THE KANDAHAR MAN, a horror: After the massacre of her patrol unit by a legendary wild man, a critically wounded battlefield medic must find a way to radio for help before she bleeds out — or gets discovered by the wild man — in the deserts of Afghanistan.

September 2017

Winner: Callum Ramsay ( with his logline for PLAN C, a comedy: Desperate to continue his extravagant lifestyle, a broke, washed-up crime writer enlists his crazy-yet-well-mannered stalker to help him recreate a bank robbery from his only best-selling book.

Finalist: Morgan Lietz ( with his logline for SINS OF OUR MOTHERS, a dramedy: A few weeks before the biggest hit of his career, an introverted contract killer begrudgingly lets his estranged, dying mother move in, forcing him to keep his secrets–and bodies–buried.

Finalist: Simon Chapman ( with his logline for REDUX, an hour sci-fi pilot: A disillusioned priest discovers an alien spacecraft capable of altering reality and uses it to impose his vision of paradise on the world, but the unintended consequences of his “fixes” give rise to a deadly government manhunt for this unwanted savior.

July 2017

Winner: Matthew Barker (Twitter) with his logline for ASSASSIN QUEEN, an action adventure: Elizabeth I, warrior queen and deadly assassin, plots to murder her former lover — the new king of France — before he can send his undead army to England for her head.

Finalist: Malayeshia Hubbard (@malayeshiaah) with her logline for THE MOURNING AFTER, a dark comedy: Two bored suburbanite neighbors in an ongoing affair scramble to come up with an alibi that won’t lead to divorce for one and jail time for the other following the accidental murder of the woman’s husband.

Finalist: Jacob Appel ( with his logline for MISSING, an anthology series: Recently released from prison after getting his murder conviction overturned, a struggling and highly aggressive LA detective finally lands a missing persons case: the lawyer who prosecuted him.

June 2017

Winner: Meg Leader (LinkedIn) with her logline for JOAN, a sci-fi: After a head injury, a heartless corporate mercenary fighting on a colony world starts to hear the voice of the natives’ god, and she transforms into an idealistic insurgent determined to liberate this remote planet.

Finalist: Charles Bensinger ( – Facebook) with his logline for BEYOND FIRE, a sci-fi: Upon escaping from Area 51, a brazen human/alien hybrid hurries to release an interstellar clean energy system to the masses before alien and corporate enemies hunt him down.

Finalist: Malayeshia Hubbard (@malayeshiaah) with her logline for FAVORITE PERSON, a romantic dramedy: Unemployed after a failed suicide attempt, a hollow woman struggles to regain her old life, but a meddling one night stand shows her what it might be like to start over.

May 2017

Winner: Erik V Wolter (IMDb – – & Steve Shear ( – Facebook) with their logline for THE TRIALS OF ADRIAN WHEELER, a drama: After losing his arm and brother in Iraq, a kindhearted Marine battling PTSD and the wrath of his bully father stands trial for the murder of Iraqi women and children in a bloodbath he can’t remember.

Finalist: Brian Bennett ( – @bkbennett) with his logline for ESCAPE 2120, a sci-fi: A detached orphan teen escapes to the future in suspended animation, but when he arrives at a natural utopia, he must evade a lynch mob convinced that he’s the prophesied Devil’s Child.

Finalist: Charles Bensinger ( – Facebook) with his logline for RADICAL OPTION, a sci-fi: Anticipating the collapse of global agriculture, a fearless biologist spearheading a radical human photosynthesis project finds herself targeted for elimination by ruthless corporate power-brokers intent on seizing control of the breakthrough secrets.

April 2017

Winner: Mitchell Gray ( with his logline for FULL MOON PARTY, a comedy: After his heartbreak goes viral, a neurotic philosophy student travels to Thailand where his cowardly decision to abandon a brilliant new soulmate prompts a mad dash to reunite before she leaves the country.

Finalist: Nicole Newby (@imaginemagic89 – with her logline for THE BOOK GUARDIANS, an hour fantasy pilot: After discovering their mother is alive and trapped in a magical library in NYC, two outcast teenagers follow the clues inside a treacherous storybook world to find the power-hungry villain who holds her captive.

Finalist: Linda Hullinger ( with her logline for HER SOUL INTENTION, a supernatural comedy: With a borrowed comatose body and the help of a guilt-ridden musician, a mischievous ten-year-old soul is given three days on Earth to prevent her mother from marrying the wrong man.

March 2017

Winner: Sara Barry (@sarabrry – with her logline for AMERICAN MUSLIM, a half hour dark comedy pilot: In the wake of her husband’s sudden death, an American convert to Islam juggles religious duties, overbearing Muslim in-laws, and post-9/11 prejudices as she struggles to provide for her four children in busy Manhattan.

Finalist: Hilary Burgoon (@theREALHilB) with her logline for SIGHT, a drama: When an aging machinist’s vision loss forces him to rely on a troubled teenage neighbor, his estranged daughter threatens their unlikely but crucial friendship by revealing a history of emotional abuse.

Finalist: Bruce Lamb with his logline for GINGERBREAD HOUSE, a fantasy comedy: When a vengeful witch takes the penis of an ambitious but talentless ventriloquist, he and his impish puppet outwit talking animals, a devil, and the enchantress herself to recover the errant member.

February 2017

Winner: Terri Viani (Instagram) with her logline for HOT FLASH!, a half hour dramedy pilot: A seasoned soap opera actress scrambles to keep her tidy life together after she agrees to star in her ex-husband’s web series about a menopausal superhero named Hot Flash! and the show becomes a hit.

Finalist: Stephen Readey ( with his logline for THE PRICE OF PROGRESS, a drama: The true story of a Jarawa boy who leads his tribe out of 60,000 years of seclusion only to reject modern society, ultimately returning to nature and saving his entire tribe from the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.

Finalist: Shani Moore Weatherby (@Hear_Shani) with her logline for BEHIND THE RED CURTAIN, an hour pilot: A controversial pick due to her views and youth, the first Black woman on the Supreme Court teams with her clerks to fight for justice — but a closely-held secret threatens to rob her of her robe.

January 2017

Winner: Erik V Wolter (IMDb – – with his logline for Footsteps of My Father, a war drama: When a German immigrant faces deportation for alleged Nazi ties during World War II, his combative teenage son takes on the FBI and fights to clear his father’s name.

Finalist: Jay Fisher (Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Vimeo) with his logline for THE CANYON, a horror comedy: A disgraced PTA mom with a penchant for lying must convince her neighbors that body-snatching creatures are replacing everyone in their gated community with murderous doppelgängers.

FinalistAlan Johnson (On Comedy Writing Podcast) with his logline for I HATE LEBRON JAMES, a comedy: A Cavaliers stadium vendor who grew up with LeBron James blames the star for all all of the disappointments in his life and attempts to ruin James by beating him in a game of HORSE during the All-Star Weekend.

December 2016

Winner: Bird-Dog, a political thriller by Andrew Dodson ( – Medium – Instagram)Two high-powered Washington DC consultants manage a covert election-rigging agency, but a relentless independent journalist throws their schemes into disarray.

Finalist: Dancin’ In Dirt, a western by Kathy Grater ( in debt after her father’s premature death, a talented young artist would rather paint than ride horses, but she must compete in the good ol’ boys culture of the professional cutting industry to save her ranch.

Finalist: Crimson Palace, a pyschological thriller by Alexander Wagner ( a secluded hotel, a disgraced CEO gets twisted into a dark conspiracy after receiving a phone call from someone trying to prevent a murder in the next room.

November 2016

Winner: Famously Fiero, a half hour pilot by Cece Simandl (@cecesimandl)A camera-shy academic hired as a personal assistant to an egocentric Hollywood heir finds herself thrust into the limelight when her boss decides to star in his own reality TV show.

Finalist: Further We Wander, an adventure by Jason Sheedy ( – – @iamjasonsheedy)Upon entering a rickety grandfather clock, a shaky preteen and his friends get trapped in an ancient spirit realm that accelerates aging and must confront death in order to escape with their youth.

Finalist: Devil’s Gold, an action/adventure by Howard Porter ( 19th century Mexico, a reformed ex-mercenary and notorious bandit queen must join forces to stop a fanatical Priest and his legionnaires from finding and destroying a hidden trove of priceless Aztec treasure.

August 2016

Winner: House of Pain, a horror by Nicola Ralph (@NicolaRalph1): When four thrill-seekers crash an invite-only haunted house, they discover that the blood is real as tortured guests put on display have their organs harvested for the black market.

Finalist: Baby Taylor, a dramedy by Jessica Coleman (@Jess_thewriter): When their friend dies in a car accident, three female lawyers adopt her orphaned baby and immediately struggle to balance motherhood, career, and dating in New Orleans.

Finalist: Fat, Sick, and Clearly Dead, a mockumentary by Johnathan Rousell ( a zombie bite gives a morbidly obese man his greatest desire — to be skinny — he tries to prove his naysayers wrong by showing the world the health benefits of being undead.

July 2016

Winner: As It Is…, a half-hour pilot by Matthew Barker (Website – @MatthewRWBarker – Facebook)After eons of bickering, God and Satan’s staff strip them of their powers and banish them to the Midwest where they must learn to get along as a middle-aged husband and wife or be stuck together forever.

Finalist: Kidnapped, a thriller by Shane Weisfeld ( A painkiller-addicted detective jeopardizes his family and job in his frantic search for a young boy whose kidnapper vows to keep him for ten years or kill him immediately if law enforcement pursues.

Finalist: Carrow, a faith-based drama by Kimberly Jade Tompkins (@kimberlyjade27 – Facebook)After his release from prison for the the accidental killing of his closest friend, a hardened loner who cares for nothing but his sick daughter must choose between letting her die or a life of violent crime to pay for her care.

June 2016

Winner: Superzeroes, a comedy by Colin Costello (@colincostello10 – Instagram – Facebook): After a car crash leaves his best friend believing that he has super powers, a pudgy geek dons a cape to help his delusional “superfriend” protect their small town from a very real villain.

Finalist: Wisdom, a horror by Ben Abrass ( In New York’s tight-knit Russian community, an empty beauty struggling to climb the social ladder fights for life and soul when a routine tooth extraction rapidly devolves into a hellish exorcism.

Finalist: The Parts We Play, a comedy by Duncan Allan ( arrogant, perpetually out-of-work actor meets his movie star hero while testing out a “Nice Guy” character, but he struggles to keep up the act as his popularity and career suddenly take off.

May 2016

Winner: A Cause for Divorce, a comedy by D.K. Johnston ( – @dkjohnston – Facebook): A recently retired couple struggling to transition to a less frantic pace of life decide to fake their own divorce to trick their self-involved children into coming home to Alaska for the holidays.

Finalist: Magnitude, a thriller by Douglas Fisher (@dougfisher4)An impulsive female agent for the EPA’s criminal division must hunt down a disgruntled seismologist who plans to trigger a massive earthquake along the east coast after discovering a hidden fault.

Finalist: Down and Out in Peoria, a dramedy by Brent Beath ( crashed and burned as an adult, a former teen star returns to his backwoods hometown to find the one person he thinks will still love him — his old stalker.

April 2016

Winner: Catalyst, an hour-long sci-fi pilot by John “Shirley” Miller ( Exiled on the Martian frontier, a hotheaded mercenary sparks a war with Earth when he kills his wife’s murderer, but he must fight his way back home when he learns his wife is still alive.

Finalist: The Mad Maiden, a sci-fi by Mario Kersey ( When the prophesied savior of an alternate Earth is assassinated, his warrior daughter must track down his doppelganger on our Earth in order to keep the two worlds from colliding.

Finalist: Where I Once Belonged, a musical comedy by Shane Giles ( stealing the music of The Beatles prevents the birth of his future wife, an opportunistic time traveler stuck in 1985 recruits a now homeless John Lennon to help him set things right.

March 2016

Winner: The Eye of Owuo, a horror by Martin Reese (Stage32 – Facebook – @MartinReese): A desperate mother uses ancient African magic to resurrect her daughter, then realizes that the price for keeping her daughter alive entails taking the lives of others.

Finalist: Full Contact, a sports drama by Dave Kraft (Moviebytes – IMDB – Linkedin): When the NFL’s most feared linebacker gets forced into striking his best friend with a career-ending hit, he must clear his name by taking down the former-player-turned-extortionist who ruined him.

Finalist: A New Dawn, a thriller by Zak Karim (@ZedAKay – LinkedIn): Convinced she has pinned the crime on the wrong person, a manic, vengeful widow accepts the offer of the enigmatic bank robber accused of murdering her husband to track down the real killer.

February 2016

Winner: Extremity, a thriller by Chidi Ezeibieli (@kscreens – LinkedIn): When terrorists in Nigeria kidnap her paraplegic daughter, a struggling American expat with nowhere else to turn poses as an Islamic extremist to infiltrate the group and find her daughter.

Finalist: Kill the Kabuki, an action/thriller by Jamahl Peavey ( After a failed attempt at extortion, a dishonorable mercenary inadvertently pits himself against a soul-snatching shadow creature, and his only chance at salvation lies in the hands of his enemies.

Finalist: Pictures of You, a mystery by Enrique Bertran (@enrbertran): After the murder of his wife, a distraught photographer discovers that he can enter moments from her life caught in photos, and he uses his power to find her killer.

January 2016

Winner: The Last Defcon, an action adventure by Lawrson Pinson (@lawrsonpinson – Instagram – YouTube – Facebook): Upon foreseeing the cataclysmic destruction of her city, a head-strong teenager must reunite a legendary guild of female vigilantes in order to thwart the genocidal ambitions of a ruthless anarchist.

Finalist: Taking the Fall, a fantasy/comedy by Sean Flaherty ( When the conniving archangel Michael tricks him into falling from Heaven, naïve-but-plucky Lucifer must fight to save Mankind – and his bromance with God – by proving that even crude humans can light up a halo.

Finalist: The Foretelling, an historic fiction by Nathan LeGrand ( Plagued by horrific visions, a weary FDR must trust a southern root-doctor to defend the world against an occult overlord operating deep within Hitler’s war machine.

December 2015

Winner: Origin Earth, a sci-fi adventure by Christoph Furian ( When an intergalactic distress call averts a world war, a gifted maverick must lead a global rescue mission, only to return in triumph to a war-torn planet.

Finalist: No More Heroes, a comedy by Lawrson Pinson (@lawrsonpinson – Instagram – YouTube – Facebook): In a desperate attempt to win the love of an alluring female supervillain, a lowly henchman sneaks into the annual Cape Convention to vaporize her egotistical superhero ex-boyfriend.

Finalist: Teen Zombie Show, a comedy pilot by David Santo ( – Teen Zombie Show Website – @TeenZombieShow): A small town girl with a razor sharp mind rescues the man of her dreams from certain death, but their ensuing romance gets tricky when Prince Charming turns out to be a zombie.

November 2015

Winner: Subsistence, a sci-fi by Nicola Ralph (@NicolaRalph1): Desperately searching for his wife and infant son, an emotionally scarred veteran must evade the aliens hunting those left behind after the population of Chicago vanishes.

Finalist: Fortunate Son, an action/adventure by Sean Flaherty ( Lured to Colombia by the promise of an inheritance, a volatile activist searches for answers about his long-lost father only to find himself prey to the vengeful drug lord his father betrayed.

Finalist: Mrs. Claus, a comedy by Ellen Waitt (@EllenWaitt): Miserable at the thought of icing cookies and wrangling reindeer for another decade, an undervalued Mrs. Claus defies tradition by running against her unopposed husband in a Santa election year.

October 2015

Winner: Into the Unknown, a sci-fi/horror by Nicola Ralph (@NicolaRalph1): An interplanetary rescue mission becomes a fight for survival when the stranded crew — morphed by an alien parasite — attack, giving one rescue crew member a murderous idea.

Finalist: Dead Ringer, a horror/suspense by Natalia Lopez-Woodside (@Taliana83 – Facebook): When her troubled, long-lost sister shows up on her doorstep, an increasingly paranoid art therapist becomes convinced her sister’s actually an ancient doppelganger bent on consuming her young daughter.

Finalist: Love and Blood in the Third Reich, a drama by Jennifer Null ( An idealistic German teen is forced into a Nazi training school, separating him from his audacious Jewish girlfriend until he discovers her years later as a prisoner under his reluctant command at Auschwitz.

July 2015

Winner: The Fright House, a horror/comedy by Chris Michael Burns (@toemichaelburns): When the President, a bloodsucking robot, malfunctions and goes on a killing spree, a gang of intrepid teenage history nerds touring the White House must reprogram or destroy him.

Finalist: Baba Yaga, a feature length fairy tale by Dawn Howard (@realdawnhoward – her father sets sail, a precocious girl is sold by her stepmother to a legendary cannibal witch, but the girl finds strength in her mother’s deathbed gift, an enchanted doll.

Finalist: Intersection, a thriller by Aki Parhamaa (@WriterAki): A charming ex-criminal gets into a car crash and wakes up bloodied and bruised, prisoner in the house of a wrathful police woman whose son was killed in the wreck.

June 2015

Winner: Make Easy Money From Home, a half-hour pilot by Jennifer Krukowski (@jenkrukowski –  – Instagram): An unemployable college dropout writes a weekly blog on get-rich-quick schemes, drawing inspiration from her misfit friends who will do anything for money (except work).

Finalist: Wrath of Men, an hour long crime drama by Eric Irizarry ( – ISA Profile): After his son’s murder, a quiet office worker descends into madness, unleashing a supernatural force that helps him raise a vigilante army to wage war against all criminals.

Finalist: Blind Past, a sci-fi drama by Trent Meunier (@iwroteascript): After a failed suicide attempt, a blind college freshman takes a pill that sends him into the past where he can see, but the only way to stay is to convince his parents not to conceive him.

May 2015

Winner: Zakia’s Song, a drama by Barbara Rodrigues (@barbararwriter): After losing her brother and a leg to a landmine, a precocious Afghan orphan learns the social complexities of elementary school when she gets adopted by an American solider, brought to Virginia, and enters a school singing competition.

Finalist: Willful Blindness, an hour long crime drama pilot by Allie Yohn (@allie_yohnFacebook Page): After meeting a seemingly clean-cut drug dealer, a broke bank employee starts a money laundering business and begins manipulating everyone she knows in order to outsmart a demented federal agent determined to bust her.

Finalist: Phate, an action thriller by Chidi Ezeibieli (@kscreens): During a major outbreak, an American au pair falsely accused of murder in Nigeria goes on the run and struggles to get to the sole witness of the crime, a young boy lost among the hundreds quarantined in an offshore facility.

April 2015

Winner: The Muffin Men, a comedy by Laura Garrison (@pickleboots): After their struggling breakfast-delivery startup rolls out a sensual “secret menu” for eccentric housewives, four hapless guys scramble to save their suddenly booming business from a puritanical HOA.

Finalist: Sparks, a romantic comedy by Megan Bickel (@megankbickel): A neurotic scientist goes on the run with a charismatic bachelor when his touch sends lightning crackling from her hand, igniting interest from terrorists, the government, and a believed-dead lab partner.

Finalist: Alexander the Great, an hour pilot by Hank Isaac (@Hank_Isaac – IMDb – Web Series – Vimeo – LinkedIn): When train-geek Alexander is inadvertently given an actual railroad for his tenth birthday, he decides to rally both his friends and his enemies to get it running in order to save his town from economic ruin.

March 2015

Winner: Josh Munger Wasn’t Here, a dramedy by Dan Longe ( A quiet nobody dying of cancer says goodbye to his friends and foes in unexpectedly spectacular fashion in an attempt to make his last day of high school unforgettable.

Finalist: Memoirs of a Sociopath, a psychological thriller by Lestyn Evans (@LestynE): When a manipulative mastermind escapes death row during an interview with an ambitious journalism student, the student must prove she isn’t his conspirator by stopping this man who threatens to incite mass anarchy with his words alone.

Finalist: Odum, a supernatural fantasy by Chidi Ezeibieli (@kscreens): When a naive teen discovers that she’s actually a shape-shifting leopard, she gets caught in the middle of a centuries-old feud and must lead her leopard clan in battle against an ancient serpentine rival that threatens their very existence.

February 2015

Winner: Tagged, a horror by Colin Costello (@colincostello10 – The popular teen daughter of a disgraced Georgia sheriff must stop an Emoji-mask-wearing killer who uses social media to hunt her friends and tag her in pictures of their gruesome deaths.

Finalist: The Long Night, a sci-fi by John Tetzlaff ( In the distant future, a disgraced soldier must bring a scientist from the past to the wasteland of Earth, for only she can stop a resurgent AI hell-bent on eradicating humanity.

Finalist: Rock Damnation, a comedy by Lowman Hatfield (@Lowmanhatfield – YouTube): The guitar that brought the world rock and roll has been stolen from Lucy Fir, Queen of Hell, and now Lucy must clash with demons and her ex throughout the French Quarter to get the guitar back before rock and roll is lost forever.

Honorable Mention: Something Coming, a horror/comedy by Chris Michael Burns (@toemichaelburns): When a rogue fertility scientist unleashes a giant, acid-spewing penis, a pair of misfit teen girls recruit their vivacious sex-ed teacher to help them destroy it.

January 2015

Winner: Tall Tale, a children’s fantasy by Brittney Nuckoles (@BrittNuckoles): After her main character goes missing in the whimsical yet precarious land she created, a malevolent writer casts an unassuming girl into the land where she must find the character within two days or remain trapped forever.

Finalist: Voyeur, a feature thriller by Nadia & Ben Robertson (@1931Productions – – Vimeo): An uninspired photographer stalked by a masked killer is drawn into a collaboration to create beautiful and gruesome art that pushes the limits of his sanity.

Finalist: Moscow Mule, an action comedy by Thesy Surface (@ThesyIsASurface – A group of art thieves discover that the Rodin they nabbed in Moscow is actually a vault hiding Putin’s donkey sex tape, but when they attempt to sell it, they get caught in a pursued-across-the-globe nightmare by the Russians and the CIA.

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