What a Great Logline Looks Like: March 2016 Edition

Good news, everyone! For at least the next three months, the Writers Store is sponsoring our Logline Competition. Starting with the April contest, our two finalists will receive a copy of the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory! Add that to the already great list of prizes from Virtual Pitchfest, WeScreenplay, Script Pipeline, and Talentville.

But on to the main event:  The March Logline Competition results are in! Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Martin Reese with his logline for THE EYE OF OWUO, a horror:

A desperate mother uses ancient African magic to resurrect her daughter, then realizes that the price for keeping her daughter alive entails taking the lives of others.

We love the idea of a horror in which the main character is the villain, and she may not even realize it. Very creepy, and at the same time, relatable (in a scary sort of way). We’d go see this!

About Martin (martinreese@birthofanotion.biz Stage32  Facebook  @MartinReese)

Martin is a writer and creator of innovative, dynamic sci-fi and fantasy projects for transmedia platforms.  He is also the author of the blog, “Martin’s of Theory of Relativity” (http://martinstheoryofrelativity.blogspot.com/) where he discusses topics relevant to diversity in sci-fi and fantasy.


First, we have Dave Kraft with his logline for FULL CONTACT, a sports drama:

When the NFL’s most feared linebacker gets forced into striking his best friend with a career-ending hit, he must clear his name by taking down the former-player-turned-extortionist who ruined him.

The world needs a new gritty sports drama, and this one is full of complex intrigue.

About Dave (Daveinsports@gmail.com  Moviebytes  IMDB  Linkedin)

Dave Kraft is an award-winning screenwriter and producer with an NFL reporting background. He is currently producing this script he wrote as his second film.

Next, we have Zak Karim with his logline for A NEW DAWN, a thriller:

Convinced she has pinned the crime on the wrong person, a manic, vengeful widow accepts the offer of the enigmatic bank robber accused of murdering her husband to track down the real killer.

This story has a lot of layers packed in. What if she’s wrong about the robber? And can she trust her own sanity? This story screams “tension.”

About Zak (zed.a.kay@icloud.com – @ZedAKay LinkedIn)

Zak Karim is a diverse and self-motivated individual who, having successfully completed a law degree, currently works as a copywriter for an international sales and acquisitions firm. Zak concentrates on writing challenging, thought-provoking, and intelligent screenplays.

The March Logline Competition is now open! Get those loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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