Why Horror Screenplays are Always In Demand


by Shant Yegparian

Have you ever wondered why distribution companies like Blumhouse Productions continuously release two or more new horror movies every month? Or ever thought about the multiple new horror releases that show up on V.O.D. platforms on a weekly basis?

Out of all the different genre films that come out, horror is the one genre that consistently yields the best return on investment for producers.

Blumhouse’s formula is quite simple. By keeping most budgets under $5 million, the production teams maintain more creative control and freedom than possible with bigger budget productions where “bean-counting suits” get involved to “protect” a studio’s investment.

The Conjuring 2 is the most recent horror film to hit the box office. With a budget of $40 million, The Conjuring 2 has made over $188 million worldwide, to date.

Next month, the third installment of The Purge series comes out for Blumhouse. The first film grossed over $64 million off a $3 million budget. The sequel made $72 million off their $9 million budget.


And of course, let’s not forget about one of the most profitable horror films ever: Paranormal Activity. This film made well over $100 million off a $15,000 budget.

Most producers would kill to make more than double their budget from a film. This happens very regularly with horror films. And of course, these are just a fraction of the successful horror films that have been released in recent years.

Don’t let these million-dollar budgets scare you away. Films that have a budget in the thousands still do well on the V.O.D. platforms. The Possession of Michael King is one example which was made for less than $1 million and grossed over $13 million solely on V.O.D. platforms.

There are hungry independent producers looking for good quality screenplays to produce. If you can draft up a great, contained, one-location script, it will only be a matter of time before you’ll find a producer who wants to make your script.


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Shant Yegparian is a twice optioned, award-winning screenwriter, and published author. Shant is the founder and host of genresummit.com, an online event that showcases how top genre filmmakers and writers perform at the highest level.

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