A Free Chart to Track Your Writing in 2018

Back by popular demand, we have updated our free one-page writing tracker for the 2018 calendar. Download this sheet, print it out, and hang it over your desk to keep track of your writing goals and milestones all year long.

Download the chart here!

Here are a few ways that you can use this chart:

  • Ex out every single day that you write something on the right-hand side of the chart. Decide before the year starts whether you’re going to write every single day, every week day, or a certain number of days per week. Set a goal for yourself that is optimistic but achievable.
  • Use the lines in the middle of the chart to write the name of the screenplay you read that week or your weekly writing goal. You could also use this space to track milestones, like “Finished the first draft.”
  • Use the open space under each month to write your goals for the month or to write the name of the book you’re reading. Try to read a new book every month, or try to read a certain number of scripts.

However you choose to use this chart, we hope you find it helpful! Share it with all your writing friends!

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