Farewell From LA Screenwriter

Dear Friend,

I started LA Screenwriter a decade ago to help improve my own writing. I wanted to be reading the best screenwriting articles and the best scripts and sharing both with other aspiring writers like myself. As I gained more experience and confidence, I started sharing some of my own advice and the wisdom of friends like the great John Bucher and Ken Aguado.

Then, last year, the thing that I’d been working so long and hard for finally happened — I became a working, professional screenwriter. I got a manager, signed with a top agency, and one of my scripts landed high on the 2020 Black List. I did a rewrite on a studio project that is heading toward production, a rewrite on a contained thriller that will film in May, and two of my own scripts are currently being packaged.

As of March 1, 2021, I’ll officially be a member of the Writers Guild.

It’s been a wonderful career explosion, and LA Screenwriter has been a big part of my journey, helping me stay motivated and reminding me why all the rejection and waiting is ultimately worth it.

Unfortunately, now that I’m writing full time, I haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to keep LA Screenwriter up to date. If you’re a regular, you’ve probably noticed that the new interviews and articles have dropped off substantially in recent months. It’s just become too much to juggle.

So it’s with sadness and love and appreciation that I’m announcing the end of LA Screenwriter.

The site will remain up and active through the end of 2021, but I won’t be updating it anymore or sending any newsletters after today.

This isn’t the end the end, though. A collection of the very best articles on LA Screenwriter will be featured on the new Pipeline Artists website when that publication launches next month. I highly recommend that everyone sign up to follow Pipeline Artists on Twitter — it’s going to be a wonderful and beautifully maintained resource for writers of every ilk, not just screenwriters.

I’m also going to hold onto the @LA_Screenwriter Twitter account and occasionally use it to post updates and share links to scripts, useful articles, news, etc. If you haven’t already, give us a follow!

And when I have a minute and inspiration strikes, I’ll still be sharing posts through my personal Medium account, speakingofwhich.medium.com. I’ve already reposted some of my favorite articles there and will continue doing so. You can also follow me on Twitter — @angelabourassa1.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support you’ve given me and this website over the years. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m eternally grateful that so many thousands of people gave LA Screenwriter their time and attention.

I’m looking forward to seeing each of your stories up on the big and small screens! You’re amazing. You’ve got this. Keep writing.



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  1. Congratulations!! So awesome to see your success! Do you feel living in San Diego did or did not make an impact on getting to where you are now?

    1. Thanks, Huey! I think being outside LA definitely meant my journey took a bit longer than it otherwise might have, but it’s not a problem now, especially with everything happening via Zoom.

      1. Thanks for the reply! I live in Orange County and always wondered if that was a hinderance. After hearing “never give up, keep writing” for so long, it’s tough to keep believing that statement especially after so many rejections. But to see a writer you’ve been following for years find success definitely inspires me to keep going.Thank you for inspiring hope and congrats again on the great news and looking forward to seeing your work on the big and flat screens!

  2. Well done on your success and thank you for all your hard work. Your email has been an inspiration and i sincerely hope your film is made. Congratulations again. And good luck!!!!

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