A Free Chart to Track Your Writing in 2019

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash Every year we put together a simple, one-page writing tracker to help writers of all sorts keep their writing resolutions. This year's calendar follows the usual format -- an open block for each month where you can write down monthly goals or the books you read or the movies you watched; a... Continue Reading →

The 2018 Black List (and Then Some)

These days it seems like there are more lists of screenwriters than there are actual screenwriters. But the biggest and most prestigious list remains the Black List, which was revealed yesterday with exceptional gusto. The full list can be found here along with a six-minute comedy video proclaiming it's arrival. This list is always useful... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Screenplay: The Empathetic Villain

The antagonist may be the most misunderstood character type, but fortunately Michael Tucker is here to offer some clarity. In his most recent episode of Lessons from the Screenplay, Michael breaks down the inner-workings of Erik Killmonger, the antagonist in Black Panther. Watch the video below, and subscribe to the Lessons from the Screenplay channel... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Screenplay: The Perfect Antagonist

It's time to share another amazing video lesson from Michael Tucker. This video is the most viewed of his Lessons from the Screenplay series on YouTube, and with good reason. It breaks down the components of a compelling antagonist as demonstrated by Heath Ledger's unforgettable Joker. Watch, learn, then subscribe to Lessons from the Screenplay... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Screenplay: Obsessed Artists in Whiplash and Black Swan

Time for more Lessons from the Screenplay, the wonderfully informative YouTube series by Michael Tucker. This episode compares Whiplash and Black Swan side-by-side, showing how similar these two films actually are in their investigation of the obsessed artist. Get out your notebook, and be sure to subscribe to Lessons from the Screenplay on YouTube.

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