Golden Globes + the Public Domain + Imagine Impact

The Globes

First off, congratulations to all of the winners from last night’s Golden Globes! THR has a partial list of the winners here. (For those interested, the best screenplay trophy went to Brian Hayes Currie, Peter Farrelly & Nick Vallelonga for Green Book. I’ve searched for fifteen minutes now, and there don’t seem to be any Golden Globes for writing television… Someone will have to explain that to me.)

Many of the top television scripts of the last year are (amazingly) still available on the Emmys website. Download them all for your own education while you still can.

As for the top feature film screenplays from 2018, we are still adding to our list of downloadable screenplays. Scripts currently available include Eighth Grade, Mary Queen of Scots, Beautiful Boy, and First Man.

Public Domain Day

On an unrelated front, if you’re looking for new script ideas for 2019, you may want to dig through this pile of old ideas. On January 1, a wide variety of titles from 1923 entered the public domain. The expansive list includes novels, poems, and stories from Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, and Virginia Woolf, among many others.

Some nice people at Duke were kind enough to create a giant repository which can be downloaded and sifted through. Keep in mind that, especially with more established works, you may not only write your own tellings, but also create sequels, offshoots, and origin stories. So go nuts.

Imagine Impact

And finally, today Imagine Impact 2 opened for submissions. The window is short, so if you haven’t heard of this program, check it out ASAP and start your application. Last time they got around 4,000 submissions, and the number is certain to go up substantially this time around.

Happy New Year!

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