Fix Your Writing Mindset

Danny Manus of No BullScript Consulting recently shared this list of advice for getting in the right mindset about your writing and your career:

Two weeks ago, I attended a very special 4-day seminar given by Brendan Burchard,¬†the NY Times #1 best-selling author, motivational speaker, and the expert’s expert. It wasn’t about screenwriting per se, but instead was about being a high performer – in life and in business. Whatever business you might be in.

Much of what I took from the seminar was about making sure you are in the right mindset for success and that you are looking at your daily routine and plans for the future in terms of productivity, energy, clarity and courage.

I realized how many things I was doing that were sabotaging me, and¬†took away some great soundbytes that have helped me get back into the correct mindset. So¬† I¬†thought I’d share them with you…

First… Delete these sayings from your vocabulary:

-I know how to do that already, I read a book about it.

РI know enough about how to structure a script and write a logline.

–¬†I don’t need to know spelling or grammar, I’ll just have someone edit it.

–¬†I don’t need professional feedback, I know it’s ready.

– The only reason I’m not an A-List screenwriter is because I don’t have an agent or manager.

– I can’t do that, because I don’t have ______.

– I know it’s just a first draft, but I can make it good enough by this weekend to enter it into this contest.

Second… Put an end to unimportant competing interests and¬†Delete these actions from your daily routine:

РChecking Screenwriting Message Boards and Online Screenwriting Groups, including Done Deal Pro, Linkedin Groups, Facebook Screenwriting Groups, online peer review judging sites, etc.

Third… Replace all of that with these sayings and actions:

– Visualize the daily life of an A-List Screenwriter and think¬†if it’s truly right for you.

– Make your To Do List inspire you. Stop looking at what you DIDN’T get done.

– Don’t just set Goals, set Challenges.

– Don’t manage to passion, manage to growth. Don’t look at your script and compare it to A-List scripts, instead compare it to your previous scripts and see if it’s better.

РDesire without Discipline is just Hope. Mindset without Methodology is just Hope.

– If you’re not close to living your dream life as an adult, then you’re scared of change.

Now go write, change your mindset & change the world. 

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