Introducing the LA Screenwriter Store!

It’s finally here! We’ve been working on this store for quite a while and we’re so excited that it’s finally ready.


As a special Grand Opening Sale, from now until the end of May…

buy any 2 items from the store and receive 1 FREE ENTRY into the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition.

There’s no limit on this offer, so if you get 6 sets of creativity magnets for your writing group, that’s 3 entries for you. So stock up!

220 pre-cut magnets for coming up with new movie ideas, or just having fun

The shirts have been a labor of love and we’re really excited about how they turned out. (It was also fun for my husband and I to pretend to be models for a day.)

I’m particularly proud of our creativity tool, the Make a Movie Magnets. I like to separate out the titles, characters, and ideas that are in line with my chosen theme, dump those in a pile on my desk, and start looking for new connections and combinations that could spark a new script idea. I’ve used this method to come up with several script ideas.

Down the line we hope to add more apparel, tools, and gifts for screenwriters, so check back often.

And don’t forget to take advantage of our Grand Opening Sale! See what past entrants have to say about the value of the Logline Competition.



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