See what past entrants of the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition have to say about the experience:

I love this competition! It’s a mini-class in logline writing. The personalized feedback has helped me understand how to apply the general concepts to my specific project.  It’s been invaluable!     -Megan K. Bickel (April 2015 Finalist)


Wow, never expected THAT much great feedback from a logline analysis. SO helpful! Thank you!!     -Devin Comiskey



Many of the online resources that I’ve come across provide guidance with respect to the form or structure of loglines but don’t actually offer review services, especially regarding the content/substance of the logline. Not only does the Logline Competition offer this, but it does so in a very accessible way. Very helpful!     -Dan Longe (March 2015 Winner)


I have submitted four times in two months to LA Screenwriter and the feedback I have received from them is invaluable. With their help I have cleaned up my plot and focused my story; getting a far tighter screenplay than I had previously. Without a strong logline you don’t have a strong plot, simple as that, and LA Screenwriter’s Logline Competition has helped me find my story.    -Abel Horwitz


I am an author of several bestselling books. However, I am a beginner when it comes to writing screenplays. Recently I entered the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition and I found it to be a highly rewarding experience. LA Screenwriter provided clear, practical and effective advice on how to improve my writing. I am grateful for that, and I know that it will help me to improve my future writing efforts. I heartily recommend LA Screenwriter to anyone interested in improving his/her screenwriting skills.    -Brett Bacon


The feedback on my two logline entries is probably some of the very best constructive comments I’ve ever received.    -Denis Crampton


I think it’s a fantastic service and I’ve been very pleased with the thought that was put into the feedback I received for my logline entry. It’s an essential part of the screenwriting process and I’ve found that a lot of my instructors and the books I’ve read have talked about the importance of the logline but have given little guidance on how to craft one. So bravo to you guys for providing a service that aids in this process. My first entry was this month and I fully intend to enter at least once every month.    -Courtney Griffin


I was impressed by the amount of detail contained in the feedback. There was lots of good advice and honest encouragement. The LA Screenwriter Competition makes me feel like someone is actually interested in my script.    -Les Bowser


The comments by LA Screenwriter are encouraging, valuable, and honest.    -Lowman Hatfield (February 2015 Finalist)

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