What a Great Logline Looks Like: December 2016 Edition

The December Logline Competition results are in!. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Andrew Dodson with his logline for Bird-Dog, a political thriller:

“Two high-powered Washington DC consultants manage a covert election-rigging agency, but a relentless independent journalist throws their schemes into disarray.”

This is a fun idea that would certainly get people talking. The premise is simple, but it feels original and timely.

About Andrew (andrewmartindodson.com – Medium – Instagram)

Though he’s been writing since the age of eight, Andrew Dodson is just now getting his life together enough to pursue screenwriting professionally. Aside from being a recently produced playwright, he is also an award-winning grilled cheese chef. (It’s true, he has a trophy.)


First, we have Kathy Grater with her logline for DANCIN’ IN DIRT, a contemporary western:

“Deep in debt after her father’s premature death, a talented young artist would rather paint than ride horses, but she must compete in the good ol’ boys culture of the professional cutting industry to save her ranch.”

Lots of opportunities for conflict here. This idea should speak to a large portion of the population.

About Kathy (kgrater421@yahoo.com)

Kathy Grater has her MA in Special Education and taught for many years. Now she does Social Survey work. Kathy has raised cutting horses since 1986/87, and she rides to the herd any time she can. She finished a screenwriting program at the University of Washington. Currently, she is getting Dancin’ in Dirt ready to send to a producer.

Next, we have Alexander Wagner with his logline for CRIMSON PALACE, a psychological thriller:

“At a secluded hotel, a disgraced CEO gets twisted into a dark conspiracy after receiving a phone call from someone trying to prevent a murder in the next room.”

Another simple premise that opens up a world of possibilities. This idea is the epitome of high concept, and it’s also contained, which is a major bonus.

About Alexander (alexander.wagner@my.tccd.edu)

Alexander Wagner is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Fort Worth, Texas. While attending community college and working at a video store, he began writing and developing screenplays at the age of nineteen. Alexander’s favorite genres are horror, thriller, and science fiction.


The January Logline Competition is now open! We have wonderful prizes from Script Pipeline, Virtual Pitchfest, WeScreenplay, and Talentville. Get your loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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