A Free Chart to Track Your Writing in 2017

Several of you have asked for an updated writing tracker for 2017. We created one for 2016, and evidently people found it very useful.

I had been struggling to find the time to put a new tracker together, but thankfully one of you stepped up and did the heavy lifting for us all. Thank you Aaron Bala for updating the tracker for 2017! You’re a hero!

Download the 2017 Writing Tracker here. It looks like this:

Just like last year’s version, there are sections for monthly, weekly, and daily goals. I like to cross out every day that I write and try to keep the chain going. On the weekly lines, I write down the name of the script I read that week, and in the monthly section I track the books that I read each month. At least that’s the goal! You can also use the monthly or weekly sections to write down bench marks that you hit or that you are aiming for, such as “Finish first draft” or “Submit to Nicholls.”

Whatever works for you, this handy one-page tracker should help keep you on track. Happy writing!


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