Official Rules

LA Screenwriter Logline Competition Official Rules

  1. Any writer is welcome to enter the competition; however, all loglines must be submitted in English in order to be considered, and the entry fee must be paid in US dollars.
  2. Entrants may submit as many loglines as they like in any given month. Multiple versions of the same logline may be submitted, but a separate entry fee must be paid for each version. Multiple versions of the same logline will receive separate feedback and scoring.
  3. Entrants do not need to have completed the script that their logline pertains to at the time of entry.
  4. Entrants may submit loglines for feature length scripts, half-hour pilots, hour pilots, miniseries, or short scripts. Entrants should specify which script category their logline pertains to in accordance with the submission guidelines.
  5. The contest judges are under no obligation to accept substitutions or corrections to submissions.
  6. Submissions for each monthly contest will be accepted until midnight PST on the 25th day of the month. Submissions received after that period will be considered in the subsequent month’s contest. Winners will be announced on the last day of each month.
  7. Feedback will be provided for every logline entered. Feedback should be delivered via email to each entrant within five business days of their submission. The contest organizers reserve the right to take up to ten business days to deliver feedback.
  8. Revised loglines may be resubmitted for consideration in the same month’s or future month’s competitions with a new entry fee. Monthly winners and finalists are not eligible to win or be named finalists more than once with any logline for the same screenplay. Contest judges do not guarantee that feedback will be returned in time to resubmit to the same month’s contest.
  9. Entrants grant the contest organizers the right to publicly post their loglines and names if the entrant should win the contest.
  10. All loglines will be judged on the following six categories: clear, creative, complete, concise, compelling, and commercial. Category definitions can be found on the contest home page. Each category is weighted equally and will be given a score from 1 to 10. The logline with the highest total score will be named the monthly winner and awarded the prizes listed on the prize page. The two loglines with the next highest scores will be named Finalists. In the event of a tie, the contest organizer will choose the winner. If a winning or finalist logline is submitted by a writing team, the team will be responsible for dividing their prize amongst themselves.
  11. Any logline submitted must be authored by and the sole property of the person(s) submitting the logline for consideration. Loglines for produced material or material not belonging to the author are inadmissible.
  12. The decision of the judges is final and may not be disputed.
  13. Payment and contest submissions may only be submitted online.
  14. By submitting a logline, entrants acknowledge that ideas are not copyright-able. By submitting a logline, entrants also acknowledge that the contest judges may have explored or plan to explore an idea similar to those presented in the entrant’s logline, and entrants therefore waive any claim that contest judges may have misappropriated any ideas from or portions of submitted loglines.
  15. Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s permission to participate.
  16. By submitting a logline, entrants agree to adhere to the rules outlined in this section.

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