What a Great Logline Looks Like: February 2018 Edition

The February Logline Competition results are in! Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is David Laurie with his logline for THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED, a darkly comic political thriller:

“A feisty government clerk searches for the people who murdered her friend at a Brexit protest, putting herself in the crosshairs of an incompetent police unit trying to pin the crime on a debonair whistleblower.”

We love that this idea brings some comedy to the political thriller genre. This feels timely and has the potential for lots of fun twists and turns.

About David (misterlaurie@gmail.com – @SICrecords)

After working in music and accidentally writing a book about David Bowie and synthpop, David Laurie turned to his other passion and started trying to write smart, fun, commercial genre movies with original characters and fresh, skewed perspectives. His first screenplay, Small On The Map (now titled That’s Not What Happened), was shortlisted by the TrackingBoard in 2016 and again in the BBC Writers Room in 2017. Now on his fifth feature screenplay, David will be shooting a short film in April 2018.


First, we have Ally May with her logline for STUFFED, a drama:

“When the city threatens to condemn their childhood home, a self-righteous realtor over-rules her hoarder sister and cleans house, unearthing long-buried memories and signs of her sister’s mental fragility in the process.”

This idea has so much potential for great family conflict, whimsical flashbacks, and contained storytelling. We would go see this movie!

About Ally (allymay47@gmail.com – @writermother)

Ally May’s screenplay DANDELION WISHES is currently in the top 100 on the Black List. Her screenplays have won top honors in the Page Awards, Fresh Voices, Scriptapalooza, ScreenCraft Comedy, Austin Revolution, ISA Fellowship, and many others. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Sonoma.

Next, we have Kyle Spencer with his logline for TERRESTRIAL, an hour pilot:

“After mysteriously crash-landing in 1947 New Mexico, an amnesiac time traveler becomes the catalyst for the Roswell Incident, and to escape government capture, he must fight the man leading the investigation into his sudden appearance–his abusive father.”

This logline could use a bit of trimming, but there are a lot of great story elements here. We especially like how the story turns the famed alien encounter on its head by leaving out the aliens!

About Kyle

(We’ll fill this section in soon!)


The Logline Competition is going on hiatus for at least a month while we work on other exciting projects here at LA Screenwriter. In the meantime, you can always get direct feedback and a professional polish of your logline with our Logline Services.

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