What a Great Logline Looks Like: March Edition

The March Logline Competition was another big success, and we’ve got the results right here. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


This month’s winner was Dan Longe with his logline for JOSH MUNGER WASN’T HERE, a dramedy:

“A quiet nobody dying of cancer says goodbye to his friends and foes in unexpectedly spectacular fashion in an attempt to make his last day of high school unforgettable.”

We love this logline because it’s so high concept — the idea is very simple, and yet it feels fresh and compelling. It makes us curious to know how Josh is going to say goodbye, and sure that we will laugh and cry along with the rest of his classmates.

About Dan (longeodan@gmail.com)

Dan Longe is a full-time — for as long as he can get away with it — writer based in Boston. He has finally decided to pursue a career in screenwriting so he can stop telling people, “I want to write movies for a living. Ha ha! I’m just kidding. You know I’m just kidding.”


First up, we have Lestyn Evans with his logline for MEMOIRS OF A SOCIOPATH, a psychological thriller:

“When a manipulative mastermind escapes death row during an interview with an ambitious journalism student, the student must prove she isn’t his conspirator by stopping this man who threatens to incite mass anarchy with his words alone.”

We love how this logline puts the main character in peril not just from the villain but from everyone else. The opportunities for twists and turns abound.

About Lestyn (@LestynE – lestynevans@yahoo.com.au)

Lestyn Evans is a 20-year-old from Australia, currently studying Communications (Production Arts) at University. He has been meddling in film and books since he was 7 years old, an oddity in a family of tradesmen. When he hit 17, he dared to dream of becoming a screenwriter so that he could change people’s lives the way that so many films have changed his. Favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction and psychological thrillers. Favorite films are Silence of the Lambs, Star Wars, and everything Disney has ever made.

Next, we have Chidi Ezeibieli with his logline for ODUM, a supernatural fantasy:

“When a naive teen discovers that she’s actually a shape-shifting leopard, she gets caught in the middle of a centuries-old feud and must lead her leopard clan in battle against an ancient serpentine rival that threatens their very existence.”

A unique story that would fit well within the current craze for YA fantasy. This story feels original, well-constructed, and compelling.

About Chidi (@kscreens – chidiezeibieli@gmail.com)

Chidi Ezeibieli is in love with the world around him, especially his country of Nigeria, because it continuously fuels his passion to create and deliver a formidable story of African origin. His screenplay, Odum, started off as a short screenplay. He’s currently working on a rewrite which he hopes to finish in the next month. Chidi started off writing short stories when he was eight, then he moved on to poetry. He also wrote a radio drama for a BBC contest as an undergraduate before settling on screenwriting. He particularly loves writing fantasy.


The April Logline Competition is now open for entries. Enter today!

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