What a Great Logline Looks Like: February 2016 Edition

The February Logline Competition results are in! Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Chidi Ezeibieli with his logline for EXTREMITY, a thriller:

“When terrorists in Nigeria kidnap her paraplegic daughter, a struggling American expat with nowhere else to turn poses as an Islamic extremist to infiltrate the group and find her daughter.”

Gotta love a story with a strong female lead, and the opportunities for excitement are clear in this logline. There’s a lot of story here, and it is laid out clearly and concisely.

About Chidi (@kscreens – chidiezeibieli@gmail.com – LinkedIn)

Chidi Ezeibieli is a Nigeria-based screenwriter. Late last year his screenplay, Phate, was rated a “Recommend” by a professional story analyst. This year Phate, set in Nigeria, was selected into the Screenplay Readers tournament and was also selected for the NewLife Film Festival and Screenplay Contest (Best Screenplay Category). Chidi loves writing character-driven thrillers featuring strong female leads.


First, we have Jamahl Peavey with his logline for KILL THE KABUKI, an action-thriller:

“After a failed attempt at extortion, a dishonorable mercenary inadvertently pits himself against a soul-snatching shadow creature, and his only chance at salvation lies in the hands of his enemies.”

We love this logline because it’s gritty and exciting. The language is attention grabbing, and the title is simply awesome.

About Jamahl (arlingtonpeavey@yahoo.com)

Jamahl Peavey was born in Brooklyn, NY, and has roots throughout the northeast.  He loves movies and the idea of making movies.  Jamahl started writing short stories when he was very young.  He got interested in poetry along the way.  Poetry got him interested in the richness of dialogue, and before long he was writing screenplays.  Jamahl has never looked back in terms of wanting to be successful in the film industry.

Next, we have Enrique Bertran with his logline for PICTURES OF YOU, a mystery:

“After the murder of his wife, a distraught photographer discovers that he can enter moments from her life caught in photos, and he uses his power to find her killer.”

A lesser writer would have made this a simple love story. We love how this logline gets across a complex situation so clearly in such little space.

About Enrique (@enrbertran – enrique.bertran@gmail.com)

Enrique Bertran is a Cuban-American TV sports producer in Miami, FL. He has always loved writing, and recently finished his first screenplay, Time Shark! Enrique loves movies, both on screen and on the page, and he looks forward to continuing on his path toward screenwriting nirvana.


The March Logline Competition is now open! Get those loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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