What a Great Logline Looks Like: November 2016 Edition

The November Logline Competition results are in! Before we get to the results, we have an announcement:

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Now, on to the main event. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Cece Simandl with her logline for FAMOUSLY FIERO, a half-hour pilot:

“A camera-shy academic hired as a personal assistant to an egocentric Hollywood heir finds herself thrust into the limelight when her boss decides to star in his own reality TV show.”

This idea is incredibly easy to picture as a popular TV comedy. It’s funny, concise, and creative. We’d watch this show!

About Cece (@cecesimandl – cecesimandl@gmail.com)

Born and raised in Kentucky, Cece Simandl has been writing screenplays since she was 12 years old. In 2012, she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in media art studies, and went on to work as a producer at a local TV news station for four years. Cece now lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband and plans on writing full-time in the near future.


First, we have Jason Sheedy with his logline for FURTHER WE WANDER, a coming of age adventure:

“Upon entering a rickety grandfather clock, a shaky preteen and his friends get trapped in an ancient spirit realm that accelerates aging and must confront death in order to escape with their youth.”

This feels like it could be a new Goonies or The Princess Bride. It feels familiar yet unique, which is a hard feat to accomplish.

About Jason ( jasonmsheedy@gmail.com – jasonmsheedy.com – returnstylepictures.com – @iamjasonsheedy)

Jason Sheedy is an American independent film writer, director, and editor. Upon graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, he co-founded ReturnStyle Pictures, with his most recent work being his debut feature, Patient. The horror thriller premiered at the 2016 Nocturna Film Festival in Madrid and won best film in its section.

Next, we have Howard Porter with his logline for DEVIL’S GOLD, an action/adventure:

“In 19th century Mexico, a reformed ex-mercenary and notorious bandit queen must join forces to stop a fanatical Priest and his legionnaires from finding and destroying a hidden trove of priceless Aztec treasure.”

The characters are what make this logline stand out. We read this logline and our imaginations fill with witty dialogue and great set pieces.

About Howard (hhporter11@comcast.net)

Howard Porter is just trying to finish this bloody script before he dies.


The December Logline Competition is now open!

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