What a Great Logline Looks Like: February 2017 Edition

The February Logline Competition results are in! Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Terri Viani with her logline for HOT FLASH!, a half hour dramedy pilot:

“A seasoned soap opera actress scrambles to keep her tidy life together after she agrees to star in her ex-husband’s web series about a menopausal superhero named Hot Flash! and the show becomes a hit.”

This idea is so much fun. It may not appeal to the young men of the world, but just about everyone else will find this idea hilarious. Can’t you just see Helen Mirren trying to remain dignified while running around in a cape and drenching people in hormone-infused super sweat? We’d definitely tune in.

About Terri (Instagram)

Terri Viani got her start as a screenwriter on Disney/ABC’s BRAND SPANKING NEW DOUG. After Disney, she worked as a freelancer in New York City before moving to New England to work as a journalist. Her scripts have awarded her spots at the Austin Film Festival and the Stowe Narrative Story Labs.  Terri is a member of New York Women in Film and Television, an associate member of the WGA West, and she sits on the marketing committee for the Provincetown Women’s Media Summit.  She is also a contributing writer to Script Magazine. In her teens and twenties, Terri lived and traveled all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, England, and the Soviet Union, but currently she resides in rural Connecticut with her husband, three cats, and a passel of ornery hens.


First, we have Stephen Readey with his logline for THE PRICE OF PROGRESS, a drama:

“The true story of a Jarawa boy who leads his tribe out of 60,000 years of seclusion only to reject modern society, ultimately returning to nature and saving his entire tribe from the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.”

A great logline starts with a great story, and this one sounds completely unforgettable. Stephen does a great job of consolidating some very big ideas down into a tight, descriptive logline.

About Stephen (eastcoastscripts@gmail.com)

Stephen Readey is a natural storyteller and a twice-optioned screenwriter. His interest in screenwriting began at the young age of twelve when he wrote and filmed several projects using his parent’s camcorder. To date, he has completed five feature length screenplays, with several others in the works, as well as his first pilot and novel.

Next, we have Shani Moore Weatherby with her logline for BEHIND THE RED CURTAIN, an hour pilot:

“A controversial pick due to her views and youth, the first Black woman on the Supreme Court teams with her clerks to fight for justice — but a closely-held secret threatens to rob her of her robe.”

Shani decided to keep the secret to herself, but even so, this concept has clear potential to be a Shonda Rhimes-type hit. It feels like must-watch TV, which is a very hard mark to hit.

About Shani (@Hear_Shani)

Shani Moore Weatherby is a writer and lawyer, a story-maker and truth-teller. A first generation Jamaican immigrant, Shani grew up in a small house in the Bronx with nine other people. She earned tassels from Princeton (Politics & African-American Studies), U.C. Berkeley (Journalism & Latin American Studies), Stanford (Law & Business) and UCLA Extension (TV Writing). She writes about families and law… so, she writes about everything.


The March Logline Competition is now open! We have wonderful prizes from Script Pipeline, Virtual Pitchfest, WeScreenplay, The Hollywood Pitching Bible, and Talentville. Get your loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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